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A combination of the Pittsburgh Modular MIDI2Omiindustriies r2rawrALM Busy Circuits Pamela’s New Workout, WMD Sequential Switch Matrix and SSM ExpanderDreadbox ModulatorArc Noise RainbowNonlinear Circuits Dual Sloth4ms Spectral Multiband ResonatorIntellijel μFold and Tiptop Audio MIXZ


This case is intended as a source of complex signal routing, sound generation, and animation. In lieu of a standard VCO, it features the Spectral Mulitband Resonator (SMR) as the primary sound source. This module often gets used for sound processing duties, but delving deeper into it, you find that it’s a great source of complex sonic structures. The WMD Sequential Switch Matrix (SSM) offers complex signal routing possibilities by way of scanning through pre-defined routing of four input signals to four outputs. This case features a plethora of clock and modulation sources that add movement and dynamics to the sound generation and signal processing.


Patch cables and power cable included.


Built by omiindustriies.

Case donated by Make Noise.

Modules donated by LA artists.




Modular Grid




Feminist Modular Synth #2