This case is intended as an east coast-centric duophonic modular synthesizer voice. It includes a pair of analog oscillators and a MIDI to CV converter to sequence them from your DAW or hardware MIDI sequencer. It also includes other essential components of a traditional synthesizer voice: VCA, VCF, envelopes, LFOs, noise source, clocks, and a mixer. 


WATCH: omiindustriies' DEMO PATCH VIDEO!


The modules in this case are: The Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms MIDI3, Evanton Technologies CLX, 4ms Rotating Clock Divider (RCD), Malekko Heavy Industries Noise, 

Pittsburgh Modular LFO2, Tiptop Audio Z4000 VC-EG, Low-gain Electronics Short Bus, Make Noise STO, Noise Reap Bermuda, Bastl Cinnamon, Noise Engineering Sinclastic Empulatrix, Pittsburgh Modular Audiomixer/Attenuator. 


READ MORE on what each module does. 


Patch cables and power cable included.


Built by omiindustriies.

Modules donated by LA artists.




Modular Grid


Feminist Modular Synth #3