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Field Recordings with Callie Ryan (Online)

Thursday May 21, 2020 // 7pm–9pm

What are field recordings? How can they be used in music to evoke emotion, nostalgia, or bodily functions? What are best practices for capturing the sounds around you using your phone or microphone? 

In this highly-interactive workshop, Callie Ryan will be walking us through all of this and more. Callie is a producer and vocalist who works extensively with field recordings to create emotional worlds in sound. First, we will begin with a brief introduction to the basic concept of field recordings. Then, Callie will guide all participants in a deep listening exercise that we will each do together in our own homes. We will reconvene and share our reflections. From there, participants will be invited to go into their spaces and collect a sound found or made–tapping on a table, the creaking of a door, the siren outside a window, a cat’s purr. Participants will then be invited to email their recordings to Callie, who will show how she manipulates field recordings in Ableton via screenshare.  Callie will reveal some simple tips and tricks using Ableton presets that can make your recordings sound great in any DAW. Together, we will produce a beautiful quarantine collage of recordings from isolation  


This event prioritizes femme-identified womxn and non-binary folx, but is open to all who are not cis men. We ask that our cis male allies and friends respectfully do not sign up, as we recognize that electronic music is overwhelmingly dominated by cis men.

Callie Ryan is a Los Angeles based electronic musician and vocalist who creates textured compositions with a vulnerable and intentional foundation whilst aiming to invoke feelings of tenderness and self-reflection. Her projects document the search for a balance between the masculine and feminine, as well as presenting fluid feelings of ever-changing physical, emotional, and sexual anxieties and gratitudes alike. Exploring our abject and unaddressed internal anatomical systems and their connection to our feelings and actions is a core foundational brick for Callie’s compositions. She works to express tangible gut responses through emotive and detail-oriented sonic production. She hosts two shows on Dublab, CUTS.01 and Storage Container, which explore the above and more.

Instagram // Dublab // Bandcamp

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