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Intro to Songwriting in Ableton Live + Community Check with Neyva (Online)

Thursday June 18, 2020 // 7:30pm–9:30pm

Ableton Live is a powerful and versatile tool that enables beginners and advanced users alike to dive into the details of composing or remixing. In this online workshop, Neyva will guide us through the basics of songwriting in Ableton Live–including a look at the new Wavetable synth. We’ll also be taking a moment to check in with our community during this unprecedented time. Beginners welcome!

This event prioritizes femme-identified womxn and non-binary folx, but is open to all who are not cis men. We ask that our cis male allies and friends respectfully do not sign up, as we recognize that electronic music is overwhelmingly dominated by cis men.

Neyva is an artist/producer who showcases their eclecticism through their music, production, lyrics, and emotional vulnerability. They strive to create their own personal and emotional musical universe that resonates with the world with their captivating voice, resonance with trauma, as well as share their knowledge through music production/mental wellness workshops as well. Notable performances that they’ve had so far include: DTLA PROUD, Queer As Punk, Queer Monday’s LBC, Club Surge, Club sCUM, and HEAV3N. They curate their own shows/festivals such as their upcoming annual pride festival “Neyva’s Kikínceañera” and biweekly party “puro pinche parí.” They strive to continue to create authentically safe spaces, give true queer latinx representation, destigmatize mental health stereotypes, and ultimately aid to create a better world.

Instagram // Bandcamp // Soundcloud

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