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Elektron Analog RYTM MKI
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Abby Dahlquist
Aug 24, 2020
I've never used the machine, but I think it may be similar to the MPC. To get the sounds, you'll need to load a drum kit. Here's a link to a video about that on this machine-- I also found this instruction on a thread: turn on • select a blank bank to write a diddy (create a pattern). Try pressing C and then button 1 on the step sequencer (hopefully there’s a drum kit loaded on C1 - if not read about loading a drum kit:)). • ok now tap pads to find something like a bass drum. When you find that tone, press trk and that pad to make it the active track. • now press play. You should hear nothing…hold fcn and rtrg and the click track should start clicking. • now hit record button. This puts you in a mode to sequence. • turn on (press) steps 1, 5, 9, 13 on the step sequencer buttons. As pattern loops you shroud now start hearing the beating bass drum. • then switch active track (trk+pad) to a snare like pad. Now you can lay down snares where you want them in a 16 note sequence. • then find a pad that makes a synthy tone (most kits have one or more). Press trk+that pad, • now press “chro” to make the sound on the selected track to be in chromatic mode. Write a melody on that. And you can change octaves with up-down arrows in middle of rytm front panel, • then I usually hold down record and press play (flashing red record button) so that I can play the synth part live. Then when ready I play my synth melody one time and then hit record button to get it out of the live record mode. • then use what you’ve learned to add more drums and more melodies with the other tracks! I'd just take it really slow, step by step, and you'll get groovin! It can be daunting, all the loading, but once you get a workflow it should just become a simple step you get used to doing. Hope this helps <3

Abby Dahlquist

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